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Spray paint on walls to mark your paths, breath slowly (because the enemy can hear you from your microphone) and decent into the backrooms.

You can play the full game right now on steam by clicking here.

A first-person found footage psychological survival horror game where it tells the story of a young teen after accidentally falling into the depths of The Backrooms in 1998. Roam freely, mark, explore and try unravel the story - however you are not alone. Don't scream or it will hear you. Mind your footsteps, if you step on glass it will hear you. If you knock over objects, it might hear you. Everything comes at a consequences.

This game have a microphone input system which can hear you in the game. Players have the option to disable it from the settings menu.

Search for supplies, tools and items to help in your escape. Such tools as a spray gun which can help you to mark your path so you don't get lost in The Backrooms. Things you may see in the shadows, are sometimes not shadows. Something or someone may be lurking in there with you. Use your stamina only when needed, and tread carefully. Hiding in crawl spaces, under tables or inside lockers if you see something unusual can be a good idea.

- WASD to move
- Mouse to look around
- Tab to open Inventory
- F to spray-paint on walls
- E to interact and pickup

Please note:
The Backrooms: 1998 is a survival horror game being worked on by one developer, the premise of the game is an "escape room" type of game - where you have to collect clues, find supplies to help you in The Backrooms and try to escape them. It is currently in Early Access and I will try my best to update the game frequently to give you the best enjoyable experience. Please do submit your feedbacks and suggestions as it really helps out with the development!

Please also note this is only a demo version of the game, a small taste. The full game can be downloaded either on itch.io or on steam. Thank you and enjoy!

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(1,324 total ratings)
AuthorSteelkrill Studio
Made withUnity
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Indie, Monsters, Psychological Horror, scary, Short, Spooky, Unity
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller
AccessibilitySubtitles, Textless


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This is such a good game i play everyday with friends W game fr


This game is perfect for me...

Love u for introduce this game 👍👍👍

Is there or will there be multiplayer

Dude it scared me a lot! I thought i would not scare for indie game but you got me.

I really like it

man... this one was spooky af, just bone chilling all around

The Backrooms MONSTER can hear my MICROPHONE! | The Backrooms 1998 | Indie Horror Game - YouTube

Played it yesterday. very cool game. the camera idea makes me think about the Spanish movie [REC]

pls check out our game Another Island by PurplePanzer (itch.io)

Very cool. I love how unsettling it is!

*I started playing at 12:23*, This game scared the hell out of me, honestly the next time i get paid I'll buy the full version and make a video on it

Очень атмосферно, жутко и страшно. Вскоре пройду полную версию. Просто не знал о её существовании :D

Great game

(1 edit)


This is really nice game👍👍


Great game!

wow 😲

I am not playing full game I'm sorry, it's obviously high quality game and scares are top tier, but dude was I scared. Last time I was this scared was during outlast and amnesia days 


The ambience almost made me shit my pants! Good job.

Not only This is best backrooms game, But also has the shocking amazing ending. It made me think This whole game was based on a true story. Amazing work! The jumpscares got me so many times that my heart couldnt take it

Really good game concept. I just loved it

Really good game concept, elicits a constant feeling of dread throughout and plenty of unique scares to keep it feeling fresh all the way through. Great Job 👍

The game is very interesting, I loved it, highly recommended friends, greetings and success.



Awesome game

Never played such an interesting game. Hooked to this now. Highly Recommended.

Amazing game

Juego increíble


Awesome game! Having just played the demo, I really want to check out the full game now. I haven't played a ton of Backrooms games, so you may have ruined some other ones for me with this high of quality.

Amazing game

Amazing Game! Very Scary!

Wow! That was amazing! Im buying the full game now!

Amazing I love it

excellent game I loved it is very terrifying and interesting good job guys


how do you download rar filess?

All I wanted to do was land a sick trick and possibly get famous hahaha but I don't think that's gonna happen now! This demo version of the game was fantastic, with an extra layer of unsettling creepiness on top. Definitely got my eyes set on playing the full release!

Great Work!

This game is amazing, everything is perfect!

Really interesting game, jumpscares are spot on. Made a video

This is really a nice game

классная игра, целую неделю не могу оторваться

(1 edit)

so ur telling me i paid 10 bucks for this and now its free smh edit: nvm this is just demo lol

i beat full game worth 10 bucks


Wow this one just awesome

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